30 January 2014


John Martin "Martin" HENDRICKSON was born in 1864 in Iowa to Hans & Sila HENDRICKSON. Martin was the 5th of 8 children.

Andrine EVENRUD was born 9 Aug 1865 in Iowa to Anders & Karine (NELSON) EVENRUD. (source) She was raised with 6 siblings, although her mother had 12 children altogether (6 of which had died by 1900 & I believe 5 of which died in infancy).

Martin & Andrine were married 22 Nov 1892 in Winneshiek county, Iowa. (source) The couple had 5 children: Clarissa Benora on 23 Oct 1893, Alma Hildegarde on 25 Oct 1895, Syneva in Sep 1899, Milford on 31 Jan 1908, & a girl for which I don't have a name or birthdate. John died sometime in 1919, while Andrine didn't die until 4 Dec 1941.

I have the following censuses for Martin & Andrine after their marriage:

  • 1870 US Census, page 10, Glenwood township, Winneshiek, IA
  • 1880 US Census, page 16, Glenwood township, Winneshiek, IA
  • 1895 IA Census, page 12, Glenwood township, Winneshiek, IA
  • 1900 US Census, page 6A, Glenwood township, Winneshiek, IA
  • 1905 IA Census, cards 900, 901, Glenwood township, Winneshiek, IA
  • 1910 US Census, pg 7A, Glenwood township, Winneshiek, IA
  • 1920 US Census, page 4A, Glenwood township, Winneshiek, IA (just Andrine from here on)
  • 1925 IA Census, Glenwood township, Winneshiek, IA
  • 1930 US Census, page 2B, Glenwood township, Winneshiek, IA
  • 1940 US Census, page 2A, Glenwood township, Winneshiek, IA

26 January 2014

Census Sunday #1 - 1930 Decorah twp, Winneshiek cty, IA pg 4A

I've decided to start off Census Sunday. I'll be trying to post a census image every Sunday, along with links to the posts about the members of my family that are in the image. I'll also list the names for non family members at the end of the post, for anyone else who may be needing the image for their research. I'm also uploading the full sized images to imgur for easy downloading. I'll include the link when I say exactly what census each week.

The first census is from the 1930 US census for Decorah township, Winnehsiek couty, Iowa, page 4A. full image
Winneshiek county, Iowa townships (Source)
As you can see in the above map, Decorah township contains the town of Decorah. It's also neighbors with Winneshiek township, where the LOVEN family settled when left Norway. This page of the census doesn't contain any of my ancestors, but it does contain some extended family.

Family 72 (starting on line 13) contains Ida Sophia (ERICKSON) BORSETH as the mother/wife. Ida is the daughter of Sigrid "Sarah" (LOVEN) ERICKSON & the granddaughter of Aslak & Anna LOVEN. At the time of the census Ida's husband Carl was 45 & Ida was 37. They also had 5 of their 7 children: Sadie (10), Arla (9), Norman (7), Clifford (4), & Merle (2). Stanley & Donald would both be born by the end of 1932. Like a large number of my family members, Carl was a farmer & was working on his own farm in 1930 (as can be seen where it says he's working of his own accord, O in column 27.

Now for the other people on the page (by family)

  • Family 69, line 1 - Erick O BORSETH, a widowed man living with a son or daughter-in-law that's listed on the previous page (3B)
  • Family 70, lines 2-7 - Hugo A HUBER was living with his wife Edna M, son Conrad S, daughter Ruth O, son Earl L, and a lodger, Joe F STULE.
  • Family 71, lines 8-12 - Laurence SHOMANN (sp?)was  living with his wife Emma, daughter Rosna (sp?), son Lawrence Jr, & a granddaughter Agnes K SAGNES.
  • Family 73, lines 20-23 - Carl M HANSON was  living with his wife Eila (born about 1875), a boarder Gilbert FAUNKOY  (born about 1861), & a lodger Raymond THOMANN (sp?) (born about 1910).
  • Family 74, lines 24-27 Follid (sp?) G LARSON  was living with his wife Gladys L, mother Betsey, & a  lodger Ole J KROGSUND.
  • Family 75, lines 28-31 - Lars SAMULSON was living with his wife Kanen (sp?) G, daughter Bernice S, & son Lief G.
  • Family 76, lines 32-37 - Edward HOYME was living with his wife Anna I, daughters Signe A & Esther I, & sons Christopher & Norman O.
  • Family 77, lines 28-42 - Henry O ONSAGER was living with his wife Anna & daughters Ruth H, Harriet A, & Vivian A.
  • Family 78, lines 43-48 - Albert WOMELDORF (sp?) was living with his wife Johanna; sons Walter D, Roger, & Ervin C; & his mother-in-law Iverine JOHNSON.
  • Family 78, lines 49-50, Edward HRUSKA (sp?) was living with his wife Henrietta & this family may be continued on the next page (4B).
There's my first post for Census Sunday. Please leave any ideas you may have for improvement in the comments section over the next week. Have a good week.

23 January 2014

Carl & Alwina (KOLLATH) PAGEL

Carl Heinrich Frierich "Henry" PAGEL was born 21 Oct 1869 in Germany to Johann & Dorothea (BATHKE) PAGEL. From what I've gathered from the censuses, Henry left Germany for the US in the 1870s. The 1910 census says 1872, the 1900 census says 1879, & the 1920 census image I have isn't the greatest, but it looks like it says 1877. Judging the his age at the time, & the locations I have for the births of his 9 siblings, I'm guessing that 1872 is the correct year of immigration. I'll post an update when I have more information.

Alwina KOLLATH was born 11 Apr 1872 in Penn township, McLeod county, Minnesota to Herman & Wilhelmina KOLLATH. Alwina was the 2nd of 3 children.

Henry & Alwina were married about 1892. The couple had 7 children: Herman on 7 Jan 1893 (who sadly died just over  a week later on 20 Jan), Albert H R on 3 May 1894, Fred "Fritz" in Dec 1897, Anna W F on 14 Feb 1899, Bertha about 1903, August about 1905, & Edwin about 1913. Henry died 6 Dec 1922 in Grafton township, Sibley county, Minnesota, splitting up 2 prpperties between his 2 oldest sons Albert & Fred. Albert was given a farm in Renville county (with the request to care for Alwina, Anna, & August). Fritz was given a farm in Sibley county (with the request to help care for Alwina & care for Bertha & Edwin). Henry also left the household & property & clothing to Alwina (along with the property not named earlier in his will. (Source: his will)
Henry's death certificate
Alwina died 16 Sep 1929 in Grafton township, Sibley county, Minnesota. She left $25 to Anna, Bertha, August, & Edwin. She also left the remaing property to Albert & Fritz in equal shares. (Source: her will)
Alwina's death certificate
I have copies of both Henry & Alwina's wills from the probate book at the library in the Minnesota History Center along with transcriptions I typed out available upon request. Both Henry & Alwina also have memorial up on findagrave.

I have the following censuses for Henry and Alwina after their marriage:
1900 US Census for Grafton township, Sibley county, Minnesota on page 2A, lines 21 & 22.
1905 Minnesota census for Grafton township, Sibley county on page 8, lines 574 & 575
1910 US Census for Grafton township, Sibley county, Minnesota on page 6A, lines 8 & 9.
1920 US Census for Grafton township, Sibley county, Minnesota on page 2A, lines 14 & 15

Pearus & Hannah (TRACEWELL) SNOW

Pearus J SNOW (or Perry, Pyrrus, Paris) was born about 1830 in Pennsylvania to Pyrrhus & Betsey SNOW. (Source - Massachusetts Town and Vital Records. I'll upload & transcribe the image in my next post). I have no information on his early life at this point.

Hannah TRACEWELL was born about 1821 in Ohio. Again, at this point, I have no other information on her early life.

Pearus & Hannah were married 9 Mar 1851 in Athens county, Ohio. (Source)
The State of Ohio, Athens County, Fs, This is to certify that on the 9th day of March A.D., 1851 I joined in marriage Phyreus Snow and Miss Hannah Tracewell, by virtue of a license for that purpose.
Pearus & Hannah had 4  children: William J about 1852, Artemesia about 1855,  Anna E about 1864, & 1 other I have no information on. William & Artemesia were born in Ohio, while Anna was born in Lafayette county, Wisconsin. Pearus died sometime between 1870 & 1880. Hannah died 9 Mar 1914 in Wisconsin.

I have found the couple in the following census records:
1860 US Census for Chippewa Falls, Chippewa, Wisconsin on page 19, lines 8 & 9
1870 US Census for Lafayette, Chippewa, Wisconsin on page 9, lines 24 & 25
1880 US Census for Lafayette, Chippewa, Wisconsin on page 5, line 27 (Hannah)
1900 US Census for Chippewa Falls, Chippewa, Wisconsin on page 8B, line 95 (Hannah)

21 January 2014

Leonard & Artemesia (SNOW) WELLS

Leonard WELLS was born about 1854 to William W. & Sylvia A. WELLS in either Pennsylvania or Iowa. I have no other information on his early life, including when he moved to Wisconsin.

Artemesia SNOW was born about 1955 to Pearus J & Hannah (TRACEWELL) SNOW in Ohio. I have no information on when she moved to Wisconsin either.

Leonard & Artemesia were married 2 Dec 1875 in Chippewa Falls, Chippewa, Wisconsin. I do have a copy of their marriage record, but I can't add it here, or email it to anybody as it was stamped to make it clear it can't be legally shared digitally. I'm willing to send a paper copy, however, to anybody that doesn't have the money to order it from Wisconsin for $15. Just use the contact me form in the sidebar to send me your mailing address & I'll get it out to you as soon as I can. (Make sure to add what you want me to send; just in case.)

Leonard & Artemesia had 2 children born in (or around) Chippewa Falls, Chippewa, Wisconsin: Fred Wallace on 21 Nov 1877 and Elizabeth Sophia "Bessie" on 31 Mar 1880. The family moved to Iowa by the time Sadie Annie was born 21 Oct 1884 in Clarion, Wright, Iowa. Artemesia died 6 May 1886 in Iowa, which was followed by difficult times for her children. Fred pretty much spent the rest of his childhood living at an uncles, while the girls ended up shuffled around from relative to relative. There's more information on Bessie's page & in a PDF of a transcription of Bessie's memories. (Which I plan on typing up in a future post.)

After some time had passed, Leonard married Lillie HAND in Iowa. (I have no information on Lillie before the marriage.) Leonard & Lillie had 3 children: Josephine "Jocie", Kitty, & Tom. Leonard died 18 Mar 1894 in Armstrong, Emmet, Iowa of hunting accident (according to Bessie). I suspect an accidental gun shot wound. A short time later, Tom was born. After Leonard's death, I have no information on Lillie, Jocie, Kitty, or Tom.

The only census record I have at this time for Leonard is the 1880 US Census for Lafayette, Chippewa county, Wisconsin page 5 line 29.

20 January 2014

James Carlon HAKES

I do have James's Civil War pension file. At least the part that is worthwhile to genealogy. I've scanned the records from his file into 1 PDF that is available upon request.

James Carlon HAKES was born (according to him) 21 Feb 1834 in Elbridge, Onondaga, New York. I have no verified information on his parents, but a book on the family written in 1889 by Harry Hakes (it's free in Google books [here]) says Solomon and Phebe L. (CORWIN) HAKES are his parents. The book also claims that James was born in Columbia, Bradford county, Pennsylvania. I have yet to find a church to contact for baptismal records at either location.

From what James cited in his pension papers, he was married 4 times.

His first wife was Almyra (or Elmira or Almira) E HUTCHINS. She was born about 1839. They were married 17 Sep 1857 and had 5 children before her death 23 Oct 1871 (source). The children born of this union are: Charles Z on 6 Nov 1860, Royal R on 7 Mar 1862, Catherine L on 27 Nov 1864, George S on 26 Jul 1866, and John H on 26 Sep 1868. All birth dates are from the pension files of James.

During his marriage to Almyra, James enlisted in the Civil War. He enlisted on 13 Apr 1864 & was discharged on 13 May 1865. He was a member of Co. K, 207 Reg, Pennsylvania Infantry (according to his pension files). More can be learned at civilwarindex.com & civilwarintheeast.com. I realize he doesn't appear on the 1 roster with Company K. He is a part of the unassigned men as James C HACKS.
James is on line 5

James's second wife was Rosella HENRY born about 1835. It appears like she may have been married to James BUSH before her marriage to James HAKES. Rosella & James HAKES were married 5 Dec 1871. They had 1 child together (Jesse) in 1873 before Rosella died 24 Dec 1874 (same source as Almyra's death).

James's third wife was Isabel M "Bella" who was born Mar 1853 in New York. It appears as she was likely married before she married James as I have 2 possible maiden names for her, JOHNSON & VAUGHN. Isabel and James were  married 23 Jun 1875 in Chippewa Falls, Chippewa, Wisconsin. They had 7 children together before Isabel died sometime between 1900 and 1910. The children born of this union are: Lewis Corwin on 12 Aug 1876, Augustus P on 26 Jul 1879, Estella M on 18 Jul 1881, Mary A on 13 Sep 1883, Harriet J on 22 Apr 1885, William W on 1 Jun 1886, and Harrison H on 23 Nov 1891. One of these children had died by 1900, but I don't know which one at this time.

The fourth & final wife of James was Serrah M KNAPP. Serrah was previously married to James GIBBS, but that's all I know about her early life. James HAKES and Serrah were married 24 Sep 1910 in Chippewa Falls, Chippewa, Wisconsin. They had no children together & I have no information on the death or Serrah.

James Carlon HAKES died 10 Jul 1922 in Chippewa Falls, Chippewa, Wisconsin. I have no information on his burial at this time, but there are memorials on findagrave for James, Almyra, & Rosella.

I've decided that I will no longer post images of census records in the family posts. Instead, I'll begin posting them in their own posts in the future. When I start doing so, I'll go back & remove the record from the posts where they are currently at, changing them to a link of the post with the record. That way, I'll be able to also add the names of people in the record that aren't a relative of mine. If needed, I'll look into a board on Pintrest or an account at someplace like Shutterfly to get the full sized images. I'm also considering making jpgs of the obits I have so that I'll be able to post them in future posts also. So here goes the census list.

I have James on the following censuses:

  • 1880 US Census for Anson township, Chippewa county, Wisconsin on page 8, line 9.
  • 1900 US Census for Anson, Chippewa, Wisconsin on page 7B, line 74
  • 1910 US Census for Anson township, Chippewa county, Wisconsin on page 8A, line 5. He is living with his son Jesse at this point in time.
  • 1920 US Census Anson township, Chippewa county, Wisconsin on page 4A, line 39.
EDIT: 8 Jan 2017 - I found out that the HAKES book has 2 people named James Carlon HAKES. The information I did have with parents' names was from the wrong James HAKES. I have that fixed now.

19 January 2014

Leonard and Anna (PAGEL) HAKES - update

I appear to have forgotten to put up the death certificates I have for Leonard and Anna HAKES, along with Leonard's second wife Erma. Here they are.

On the bright side, this gives me a chance to learn how I want to handle updates in the future. I've linked this post to the original post (like you may have noticed), but I'll also be adding a link to this post at the end of the original post. I want to make sure that will lead to all updates I make on the family.

Jesse and Elizabeth (WELLS) HAKES

Most of my information on Elizabeth "Bessie" & her children comes from her own memories that she wrote down. I have a copy that her granddaughter transcribed. A PDF is available upon request by sending your email using the "contact me" section in the sidebar.

Jesse Monroe HAKES was born 21 Sep 1873 most likely in Covington township, Tioga county, Pennsylvania. He's the only child of James and Rosella HAKES, although Jesse has many 1/2 siblings that will be listed in a later post on his father.

Elizabeth Sophia "Bessie" WELLS was born 31 Mar 1880 in Chippewa Falls, Chippewa county, Wisconsin to Leonard and Artemesia (SNOW) WELLS. Bessie was the 2nd of their 3 children, but also had 3 younger 1/2 siblings. (More on that in Leonard and Artemesia's post.) Bessie and her brother and sister lost their mother young in Iowa (in 1886). Bessie and Sadie ended up split up from each other and their brother and father until he remarried. They again lived with their father along with their stepmother in Iowa until their father's death in 1894.They were both passed around from relative to relative in Wisconsin after that, and not always together. They ended up with their grandmother Hannah SNOW and uncle William. Hannah later moved out and lived with her daughter for a time. While she was away, Bessie got pregnant and married her uncle William J SNOW 16 Dec 1895 in Chippewa Falls, Chippewa, Wisconsin. Irene Roxana was born less then a month later on 28 Dec in Chippewa Falls. She lived for a month and died 29 Dec 1986 in Chippewa county, Wisconsin. From what Bessie wrote, William became unkind to both her and her sister Sadie, who was living with them. A second daughter was born 5 Apr 1898 in Layette, Chippewa, Wisconsin and named Elvira E "Lenora." Shortly after Lenora's birth, Bessie left William and found a place and work. She eventually met Leonard, who suggested she divorce William (I believe this was after 1900) and offered to pay for it (and did pay for it according to Bessie).
Jesse and Bessie's wedding photo
Jesse moved to North Dakota for work and was followed by Bessie and Lenora. From what Bessie wrotes, she and Jesse were married the day she arrived in North Dakota on 3 Oct 1901 in Church's Ferry (of Ramsey county). While they were in North Dakota, Lenora died (21 Jan 1904) and Leonard James was born. (Leonard was born in Minnewaukan of Benson county. I'm guessing that Lenora died in the same city). Jesse and Bessie ended up moving back to Chippewa Falls, Chippewa, Wisconsin where Wallace Corwin (18 Feb 1907) and Edmond Stanley (30 Sep 1914) were both born. They moved around a bit, eventually ending up in Buffalo Lake, Renville, Minnesota (where they are both buried.) Jesse died 3 Nov 1950 in Chippewa Falls, while Bessie died 12 Feb 1973 in Buffalo Lake.
Back row: Bessie, Jesse
Front row: Wallace, Edmond, Leonard
I do not have obits for either Jesse, Bessie, or William. I don't even have a death date for William at this time. There are memorial for both Jesse and Bessie on findagrave however.
Bessie's death certificate
I have the following censuses for Jesse and Bessie after their marriage:
1905 Wisconsin state census for Anson, Chippewa county
Jessie and Bessie are family 24 on the left side
1910 US census for Anson township, Chippewa, Wisconsin
Jesse and Bessie are on lines 1 and 2
1920 US census for Anson township, Chippewa, Wisconsin

Jesse and Bessie are on lines 34 and 35
1930 US Census for Preston Lake township, Renville county, Minnesota
Jesse and Bessie are on lines 4 and 5 living with their son Leonard
1940 US Census for Preston Lake township, Renville county, Minnesota
Jessie and Bessie are on lines 65 and 66. This time they are living with their son Edmond.

12 January 2014

UPDATE 12 Jan 2014

I decided that I'm not going to do the line of descent at the end of posts anymore. Instead, I'll go back & add links to the relevant pages when I add new posts. I've already done so with the posts I currently have up. This means, that when I make a post for the parents of somebody who already is part of a post, I'll be going back to the child's post & adding a link to the parents when they are first mentioned. I hope this makes navigation as easy as possible for anybody coming here to help them get information on the relatives we share. I'll do the same thing if, at some point in the future, I decide to make profiles for other members of my family tree that aren't my ancestors.

To everybody, happy searching and good luck on your own research. When I make it thorough the posts for my ancestors, I'll continue to add updates when I learn some new information (and, of course) link the older posts to the new information.

Leonard and Anna (PAGEL) HAKES

Leonard James HAKES was born 27 Jan 1904 in Minnewaukan, Benson county, North Dakota to Jesse & Elizabeth "Bessie" (WELLS) HAKES. Leonard was the oldest of 3 boys. According to the memories written by his mother (I  have a PDF of a transcription by his daughter), his family moved around a fair amount when he was a child.
Leonard's birth certificate.
Anna Wilhelmina Fredericka PAGEL was born 14 Feb 1899 in Grafton township, Sibley county, Minnesota to Carl "Henry" and Alwina (KOLLATH) PAGEL. Anna was the 4th of 7 children.
Leonard and Anna in 1928.
Leonard and Anna were married 3 Nov 1928 in Buffalo Lake, Renvile county, Minnesota. They had 3 chilredn: Lenora in 1930, Ruth Elizabeth on 6 Apr 1932, and Stanley Leonard on 20 May 1934. I do have a PDF of Leonard and Anna's wedding registration.
This was taken shortly before Anna died in 1948.
Back row: Lenora, Ruth, and Stanley
Front row: Leonard and Anna
Anna died 15 May 1948 in Preston Lake township, Renville county, Minnesota of mitral regurgitation. After  her death, Leonard married Erma Lea (KOOPMAN) NELSON. Erma was herself a widow at that time with children. I haven't asked to get the names of her children at this point though. I'm unsure of exactly when Leonard and Erma were married. I just know that it was sometime before 1951. Leonard died 29 May 1984 in Mora, Kanabec county, Minnesota. Erma lived for a few more years and died 28 Apr 1990 in Renville county, Minnesota. I currently don't have obits for either Leonard, Anna, or Erma. All 3 do have memorial on findagrave though (LeonardAnna, and Erma).

I have the following censuses for Leonard, Anna, and Erma after their respective marriages.
1930 US Census for Preston Lake township, Renville county, Minnesota.
Leonard and Anna are on lines 2 and 3. Leonard's parents are in the same household at this point.
1940 US Census for Preston Lake township, Renville county, Minnesota.
Leonard and Anna are on lines 54 and 55.
19 Jan 2014 - This update has the death certificates for Leonard, Anna, & Erma.

Johan & Augusta (BREHMER) SELLL

Most of the information I have on Johan & Augusta comes from the book Kindred of James and Joanne SCHULTZ by Herman Carl Schultz and Emillie Wollin Schultz.

Johan C SELL was born 21 Jun 1849 in Germany. At this time, I know nothing about his parents.

Augusta Charlotte BREHMER was born 6 Feb 1848 in Broitz, Pommern, Germnay (now Broyce, Poland) to Henry & Charlotte (BUNTROCK) BREHMER. Augusta was the 3rd of 5 children.

Johan & Augusta were married Jul 1868 in Germany. They had 14 children. The first (and possibly the first 4) was (were) born in Germany. The rest of the children were all born in Minnesota. Their children are: Albert on 31 Oct 1869, Heinrich on 25 Oct 1873, Emil on 8 Nov 1874, Richard on 13 Apr 1876, Magdalena Minnie E on 8 Dec 1877, Mary Sophia on 7 May 1879, Otto on 8 May 1880, Emma Minnie on 2 Sep 1881, Reinhardt L on 24 Apr 1883, Bernhard on 15 Jun 1884, Lydia Sophia on 5 Apr 1886, Adella Cathlena 4 Jun 1888, Clara Anna on 22 Mar 1890, and 1 other child I have no information on.

Johan & Augusta lost 6 of their 14 children in childhood. 3 died in 1877 from diptheria: Emil on 12 May, Richard on 20 May, and Heinrich on 29 May. Later, they lost Otto on 13 Apr 1880 when he was about a week old and Albert on 17 Jan 1886 from tuberculosis. The child I have no information on was also lost in childhood, if not in infancy.

Augusta died 28 Mar 1911 in Winona county, Minnesota. Johan lived on for another 3 years before he died 6 Sep 1914. They both have memorials on findagrave (Johan and Augusta).

I have found Johan and Augusta on the following censuses:
1895 Minnesota State Census for Elba, Winona county
John and Augusta are family number 118.
1900 US Census for Elba, Winona county, Minnesota
Johan and Augusta are on lines 1 and 2.
1910 US Census for Elba township, Winona county, Minnesota
Johnan and Augusta are on lines 87 and 88.
Line of descent
Johan and Augusta SELL
--> Magdalena WISKOW
----> Alma STEVENS
------> Edward STEVENS
--------> Beverly LOVEN
----------> Me

11 January 2014

William & Magdalena (SELL) WISKOW

Most of the information I have on William & Magdalena are from the book Kindred of James and Joanne Schultz by Herman Karl Shultz and Emillie Wollin Schultz. The book is sadly out of print, but my mom has a copy that I've scanned as a PDF and uploaded to Google Docs here.

William Gustave August WISKOW was born 4 Mar 1875 in Coldeman, Prussia (German Empire) to Carl and Henriette (DORSNFRY) WISKOW. William was the 3rd of 5 children.

Magdalena Minnie E SELL was born 8 Dec 1877 in Elba, Winona county, Minnesota to Johan & Augusta (BREHMER) SELL. Magdalena (Lena) was the 5th of 14 children.

William & Lena were married 3 Oct 1900 in Elba township, Winona county, Minnesota. They had 11 children Viola Maria on 18 Jul 1901, Harvey Albert on 27 Nov 1902, Alma Bertha Augusta on 21 Apr 1904, August Peter on 11 Nov 1905, Everett Milton on 7 Aug 1907, Anna Augusta on 22 Mar 1909, Norman Karl on 19 Jun 1910, Grace Margaret on 21 Dec 1911, Pearl Henrietta on 14 Jul 1913, Emmanuel Johann on 30 Jun 1914, and Ruby Emgard on 27 Jan 1917.

William died 4 Dec 1961 in Winona county, Minnesota. Lena died 10 Mar 1962. They both have memorial on findagrave (William and Lena). I have PDS of their obits also from The Winona Daily News (Winona, Winona county, Minnesota). Williams ran on 5 Dec 1961 while Lena's ran on 11 Mar 1962.

I have found William & Lena on the following census after their marriage:

1910 US Census for Elba township, Winona county, Minnesota.
William & Lena are on lines 7 and 8.
1920 US Census for Elba township, Winona county, Minnesota.
Willam & Lena (as Helen) are on lines 59 and 60.
1930 US Census for Elba township, Winona county, Minnesota.
William and Lena are on lines 16 and 17.
1940 US Census for St. Charles, Winona county, Minnesota.
William and Lena are on lines 46 and 47.
Line of descent
William & Lena WISKOW
--> Alma STEVENS
----> Edward STEVENS
------> Beverly LOVEN
--------> Me