20 January 2014

James Carlon HAKES

I do have James's Civil War pension file. At least the part that is worthwhile to genealogy. I've scanned the records from his file into 1 PDF that is available upon request.

James Carlon HAKES was born (according to him) 21 Feb 1834 in Elbridge, Onondaga, New York. I have no verified information on his parents, but a book on the family written in 1889 by Harry Hakes (it's free in Google books [here]) says Solomon and Phebe L. (CORWIN) HAKES are his parents. The book also claims that James was born in Columbia, Bradford county, Pennsylvania. I have yet to find a church to contact for baptismal records at either location.

From what James cited in his pension papers, he was married 4 times.

His first wife was Almyra (or Elmira or Almira) E HUTCHINS. She was born about 1839. They were married 17 Sep 1857 and had 5 children before her death 23 Oct 1871 (source). The children born of this union are: Charles Z on 6 Nov 1860, Royal R on 7 Mar 1862, Catherine L on 27 Nov 1864, George S on 26 Jul 1866, and John H on 26 Sep 1868. All birth dates are from the pension files of James.

During his marriage to Almyra, James enlisted in the Civil War. He enlisted on 13 Apr 1864 & was discharged on 13 May 1865. He was a member of Co. K, 207 Reg, Pennsylvania Infantry (according to his pension files). More can be learned at civilwarindex.com & civilwarintheeast.com. I realize he doesn't appear on the 1 roster with Company K. He is a part of the unassigned men as James C HACKS.
James is on line 5

James's second wife was Rosella HENRY born about 1835. It appears like she may have been married to James BUSH before her marriage to James HAKES. Rosella & James HAKES were married 5 Dec 1871. They had 1 child together (Jesse) in 1873 before Rosella died 24 Dec 1874 (same source as Almyra's death).

James's third wife was Isabel M "Bella" who was born Mar 1853 in New York. It appears as she was likely married before she married James as I have 2 possible maiden names for her, JOHNSON & VAUGHN. Isabel and James were  married 23 Jun 1875 in Chippewa Falls, Chippewa, Wisconsin. They had 7 children together before Isabel died sometime between 1900 and 1910. The children born of this union are: Lewis Corwin on 12 Aug 1876, Augustus P on 26 Jul 1879, Estella M on 18 Jul 1881, Mary A on 13 Sep 1883, Harriet J on 22 Apr 1885, William W on 1 Jun 1886, and Harrison H on 23 Nov 1891. One of these children had died by 1900, but I don't know which one at this time.

The fourth & final wife of James was Serrah M KNAPP. Serrah was previously married to James GIBBS, but that's all I know about her early life. James HAKES and Serrah were married 24 Sep 1910 in Chippewa Falls, Chippewa, Wisconsin. They had no children together & I have no information on the death or Serrah.

James Carlon HAKES died 10 Jul 1922 in Chippewa Falls, Chippewa, Wisconsin. I have no information on his burial at this time, but there are memorials on findagrave for James, Almyra, & Rosella.

I've decided that I will no longer post images of census records in the family posts. Instead, I'll begin posting them in their own posts in the future. When I start doing so, I'll go back & remove the record from the posts where they are currently at, changing them to a link of the post with the record. That way, I'll be able to also add the names of people in the record that aren't a relative of mine. If needed, I'll look into a board on Pintrest or an account at someplace like Shutterfly to get the full sized images. I'm also considering making jpgs of the obits I have so that I'll be able to post them in future posts also. So here goes the census list.

I have James on the following censuses:

  • 1880 US Census for Anson township, Chippewa county, Wisconsin on page 8, line 9.
  • 1900 US Census for Anson, Chippewa, Wisconsin on page 7B, line 74
  • 1910 US Census for Anson township, Chippewa county, Wisconsin on page 8A, line 5. He is living with his son Jesse at this point in time.
  • 1920 US Census Anson township, Chippewa county, Wisconsin on page 4A, line 39.
EDIT: 8 Jan 2017 - I found out that the HAKES book has 2 people named James Carlon HAKES. The information I did have with parents' names was from the wrong James HAKES. I have that fixed now.