12 January 2014

Johan & Augusta (BREHMER) SELLL

Most of the information I have on Johan & Augusta comes from the book Kindred of James and Joanne SCHULTZ by Herman Carl Schultz and Emillie Wollin Schultz.

Johan C SELL was born 21 Jun 1849 in Germany. At this time, I know nothing about his parents.

Augusta Charlotte BREHMER was born 6 Feb 1848 in Broitz, Pommern, Germnay (now Broyce, Poland) to Henry & Charlotte (BUNTROCK) BREHMER. Augusta was the 3rd of 5 children.

Johan & Augusta were married Jul 1868 in Germany. They had 14 children. The first (and possibly the first 4) was (were) born in Germany. The rest of the children were all born in Minnesota. Their children are: Albert on 31 Oct 1869, Heinrich on 25 Oct 1873, Emil on 8 Nov 1874, Richard on 13 Apr 1876, Magdalena Minnie E on 8 Dec 1877, Mary Sophia on 7 May 1879, Otto on 8 May 1880, Emma Minnie on 2 Sep 1881, Reinhardt L on 24 Apr 1883, Bernhard on 15 Jun 1884, Lydia Sophia on 5 Apr 1886, Adella Cathlena 4 Jun 1888, Clara Anna on 22 Mar 1890, and 1 other child I have no information on.

Johan & Augusta lost 6 of their 14 children in childhood. 3 died in 1877 from diptheria: Emil on 12 May, Richard on 20 May, and Heinrich on 29 May. Later, they lost Otto on 13 Apr 1880 when he was about a week old and Albert on 17 Jan 1886 from tuberculosis. The child I have no information on was also lost in childhood, if not in infancy.

Augusta died 28 Mar 1911 in Winona county, Minnesota. Johan lived on for another 3 years before he died 6 Sep 1914. They both have memorials on findagrave (Johan and Augusta).

I have found Johan and Augusta on the following censuses:
1895 Minnesota State Census for Elba, Winona county
John and Augusta are family number 118.
1900 US Census for Elba, Winona county, Minnesota
Johan and Augusta are on lines 1 and 2.
1910 US Census for Elba township, Winona county, Minnesota
Johnan and Augusta are on lines 87 and 88.
Line of descent
Johan and Augusta SELL
--> Magdalena WISKOW
----> Alma STEVENS
------> Edward STEVENS
--------> Beverly LOVEN
----------> Me

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