26 January 2014

Census Sunday #1 - 1930 Decorah twp, Winneshiek cty, IA pg 4A

I've decided to start off Census Sunday. I'll be trying to post a census image every Sunday, along with links to the posts about the members of my family that are in the image. I'll also list the names for non family members at the end of the post, for anyone else who may be needing the image for their research. I'm also uploading the full sized images to imgur for easy downloading. I'll include the link when I say exactly what census each week.

The first census is from the 1930 US census for Decorah township, Winnehsiek couty, Iowa, page 4A. full image
Winneshiek county, Iowa townships (Source)
As you can see in the above map, Decorah township contains the town of Decorah. It's also neighbors with Winneshiek township, where the LOVEN family settled when left Norway. This page of the census doesn't contain any of my ancestors, but it does contain some extended family.

Family 72 (starting on line 13) contains Ida Sophia (ERICKSON) BORSETH as the mother/wife. Ida is the daughter of Sigrid "Sarah" (LOVEN) ERICKSON & the granddaughter of Aslak & Anna LOVEN. At the time of the census Ida's husband Carl was 45 & Ida was 37. They also had 5 of their 7 children: Sadie (10), Arla (9), Norman (7), Clifford (4), & Merle (2). Stanley & Donald would both be born by the end of 1932. Like a large number of my family members, Carl was a farmer & was working on his own farm in 1930 (as can be seen where it says he's working of his own accord, O in column 27.

Now for the other people on the page (by family)

  • Family 69, line 1 - Erick O BORSETH, a widowed man living with a son or daughter-in-law that's listed on the previous page (3B)
  • Family 70, lines 2-7 - Hugo A HUBER was living with his wife Edna M, son Conrad S, daughter Ruth O, son Earl L, and a lodger, Joe F STULE.
  • Family 71, lines 8-12 - Laurence SHOMANN (sp?)was  living with his wife Emma, daughter Rosna (sp?), son Lawrence Jr, & a granddaughter Agnes K SAGNES.
  • Family 73, lines 20-23 - Carl M HANSON was  living with his wife Eila (born about 1875), a boarder Gilbert FAUNKOY  (born about 1861), & a lodger Raymond THOMANN (sp?) (born about 1910).
  • Family 74, lines 24-27 Follid (sp?) G LARSON  was living with his wife Gladys L, mother Betsey, & a  lodger Ole J KROGSUND.
  • Family 75, lines 28-31 - Lars SAMULSON was living with his wife Kanen (sp?) G, daughter Bernice S, & son Lief G.
  • Family 76, lines 32-37 - Edward HOYME was living with his wife Anna I, daughters Signe A & Esther I, & sons Christopher & Norman O.
  • Family 77, lines 28-42 - Henry O ONSAGER was living with his wife Anna & daughters Ruth H, Harriet A, & Vivian A.
  • Family 78, lines 43-48 - Albert WOMELDORF (sp?) was living with his wife Johanna; sons Walter D, Roger, & Ervin C; & his mother-in-law Iverine JOHNSON.
  • Family 78, lines 49-50, Edward HRUSKA (sp?) was living with his wife Henrietta & this family may be continued on the next page (4B).
There's my first post for Census Sunday. Please leave any ideas you may have for improvement in the comments section over the next week. Have a good week.

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