29 November 2017

Carl and Dorothea PAGEL

Johann Charles Philipp "Carl" PAGEL was born 11 Feb 1828 in Pommern, Germany. His first marriage was to Caroline Friedricke Augustine REIMER on 24 Nov 1848, most likely in Pommern. Caroline was born 14 Dec 1826 and the couple had 2 children together: Wilhelmine Friedricke Caroline (b. 24 Sep 1849)1 and Johann Christian Carl (b. 30 Nov 1850  d. 22 Jul 1851). Caroline died 8 Mar 1851.

Carl's second marriage was to my ancestor Dorothea Caroline Friedricke Wilhelmina BATHKE. She was born 16 Feb 1830 in Pommern and went by Friedricke.

They were married 4 Oct 1852 and emigrated with their children from Hamburg 26 Mar 1873 on the British Queen to Liverpool. There they changed boats to the SS Minnesota and arrived in New York on 15 Apr 1873. After that, they settled in the Wausau, Marathon county, WI area.
Passenger list for the British Queen

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Page 2, the family is on the bottom half of the page
Carl became a citizen on 26 Mar 1873.

Carl and Friedricke had 10 children that I know of together: Johann Albert Christian Fiedrich "John"2 (b. 2 Dec 1853), August Johann Albert (b. 2 Nov 1856)3, Johann Friedrich Carl "Carl" (b. 8 Feb  1859)4, Carl Friedrich Albert "Fritz" (b. 2 Feb 1861)5, Johann August "Herman" (b. 18 Dec 1864)6, Augusta Wilhelmina Carolina (b. 30 Apr 1866)7, Wilhelm August Friederich (b. Sep 1867)8, Carl Henry Frierich "Henry" (b. 21 Oct 1869), Bertha Johanne Friedricke (b. 3 Aug 1871)9, and Wilhelm Friedrich August (b. 22 Aug 1873)10. All the children but Wilhelm were born in Germany (most likely Pommern) and Wilhelm was born in Wausau, Marathon county, WI.

Friedricke died 23 Dec 1893 in Wausau and Carl died 20 Dec 1895 in Wausau. Carl was buried in St. Peter's Cemetery in Wausau. I suspect that Friedricke was buried in the same cemetery. Here's Carl's findagrave memorial.

I have the family on the following census records:

  • 1875 WI Census - (a tallied census)
  • 1880 US Census page 10 for Wausau, Marathon, WI
  • 1885 WI Census - (a tallied census)
  • 1895 WI Census - (a tallied census)

1 Wilhelmine married August BORCHARDT, had 5 children, and died 5 Feb 1918.
2 John married Mathilde KRUGER and had 4 children.
3 August married Albertine, had 9 children, and died 14 Dec 1938 in Jamestown, Stutsman, ND
4 Carl married Augusta HOEFFNER, had 4 children, and died 25 Aug 1924.
5 Fritz married Caroline GLESE, had at least 1 child, and died 14 Aug 1947.
6 Herman married Bertha HOLZ, had 4 children, and died 7 Dec 1931.
7 Augusta married Julius SCHUBRING, had at least 1 child, and died 23 Jun 1900.
8 Wilhelm married Ida, had at least 3 children, and died in 1932 in Winthrop, Sibley, MN
9 Bertha died 29 Sep 1871 in Germany at a month old.
10 Wilhelm died 12 Dec 1873 in Wausau at 3 months old.


I have come across a few marriage records lately.

First, the record for Charles William "Carl" OLDENBURG and Wilhelmina "Lena" GRAGERT. It confirms that they were married 26 Jul 1883 and that they were married in the Big Wood German Settlement in Scott county, Minnesota. From what I learned, Big Wood is an old name for Blakely township, where they settled and raised their family. The witnesses that signed are Fred OLDENBURG and Johanna GRAGERT.

Second, the record of Frederich BLUME and Wilhelmina POTTSCHMIDT. This record states that they were married 25th Feb 1861 at St. John church in Shakopee, Scott county, Minnesota. Unfortunately, it doesn't give the names of any witnesses. I have 2 images for this information. The second image states that they were married by the pastor of the First Evangelical Congregational Church in Shakopee.
Fred and Lena are couple number 2

Fred and Lena are the bottom couple

Third, I have the marriage record that ties these first 2 families together. The marriage of their children Fred BLUME and Maria OLDENBURG. Their marriage record cites that they were married 22 Jun 1905 in Belle Plaine, Scott, MN. The witnesses that signed for them were Arnold OLDENBURG (most likely Maria's brother Arnold) and Edward KEPP.

I'll try to go through and make sure I have all updates posted and try to remember to keep up with posting the new information I gather.