27 July 2014

Census Sunday #17 - Winneshiek county, Iowa - 1940

I've been having some computer problems lately & as a result haven't been able to blog. Here's to getting back into it though.

This week's image is page 3B of the 1940 US Census for Glenwood township, Winneshiek county, Iowa. (full image)
My great-great grandparents and the children that were living with them are on lines 48-51. John LOVEN is cited as a 77 year old farmer who was born in Norway. He owned his farm, which was valued at $5000.
His wife Mary (first name Bertha) is cited as a 75 year old woman who was born in Norway. Their son Melvin (first name Adolph) is cited as a 50 year old carpenter who did "private work" and had made $864 in wages or salary. Julius is cited as a 42 year old farmer working of his own accord. (I suspect that John & Julius were working together on the family farm.) The entire family was living in the same house in 1935.

The other families on the page are:

  • Lines 41-44: Ruth ODDEN (wife of the last person on page 3A) along with 2 sons (Custis and John Raymond) and a daughter Evelyn
  • Lines 45-47: Wilheim KESSEL along with his wife Inez and his daughter Margaret
  • Lines 52-57: Olaus BERGE along with his wife Sophie, 3 sons (Walter, Norman, and Otto), and a daughter (Stella)
  • Lines 58-60: Maria NELSON along with a son (Clarence) and a daughter (Nora)
  • Lines 61-64: Conrad VICK along with his wife Grace and 2 sons (Duane and Garg sp?)
  • Lines 65-67: Adolph HAGEN along with his wife Myrtle and a son (Dean)
  • Lines 68-75: Loren SMITH along with his wife Florence, 2 sons (Norman and Earl), and 4 daughters (Mary, Darlyne, Rita, and Kathryn)
  • Lines 76-79: Norman BRYNSAAS sp? along with his wife Mae, a daughter (Nancy), and his father Hans
  • Line 80: Lena HANSON (widowed woman)