04 May 2014

Census Sunday #10 - 1900 US Census

The image this week if from the 1900 US Census, page 6A for Glenwood township, Winneshiek county, Iowa. (full image)
The family I'm descended from is on lines 46-50. Martin HENDERSON is cited as a 35 year old married man, who was born in Dec 1864 in Iowa to parents who were both born in Norway. Martin was a farmer who owned his own farm, although it was mortgaged at the time, & was literate. His wife Andrine is cited as a 34 year old married woman, who was born in Aug 1865 in Iowa to parents who were both born in Norway. She was literate & the mother of 3 (all living at that time.) She & Martin had been married for 7 years when the census was taken. Their daughter Clarisa is cited as a 6 year old girl, who was born in Oct 1893 in Iowa. She had attended 2 months of school in 1900 & was able to read & speak English. Hildegard is cited as Martin's 4 year old daughter, who was born in Oct 1895 in Iowa. Synneva is cited as Martin's 8 month old daughter, who was born in Sep 1899 in Iowa.

The other families in this census are:

  • Lines 1-4: Olaus REUR (sp?) along with his wife Amanda, his mother Kari, & a daughter (Dina)
  • Lines 5-6: Heluri (sp?) MOEN along with his daughter Marie
  • Lines 7-11: Mathias SIVESIND along with 2 sons (Claus & Inge*) & 2 daughters (Gina & ?lina)
  • Lines 12-23: G.O. BLEGAN along with his wife Anne, 4 sons (August, George, Melvin, & Hellmer), 4 daughters (Emma, Emilie, Charlotte, & Luella), a wife (of Hellmer I believe named Hannah), & a son (of Helmer I believe named Turdy)
  • Lines 24-28: Siri STAR along with her husband Peter, 2 daughters (Andrine & Dina), & a son (Anton P)
  • Lines 29-32: J.C. ASK along with his wife Trine & 2 daughters (Sophia & Olga)
  • Lines 33-40: Ole NILSON along with his wife Marie, 3 sons (Carl, Adolph, & Henry), a daughter (Matilde), & Berthe EVENRUD (cited as his mother, she may be Marie's mother)
  • Lines 41-45: Nels EVENRUD along with his wife Emma, 2 daughters (Lilian & Evelin), & a boarder (Ragnid? ANDERSON)

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