21 January 2014

Leonard & Artemesia (SNOW) WELLS

Leonard WELLS was born about 1854 to William W. & Sylvia A. WELLS in either Pennsylvania or Iowa. I have no other information on his early life, including when he moved to Wisconsin.

Artemesia SNOW was born about 1955 to Pearus J & Hannah (TRACEWELL) SNOW in Ohio. I have no information on when she moved to Wisconsin either.

Leonard & Artemesia were married 2 Dec 1875 in Chippewa Falls, Chippewa, Wisconsin. I do have a copy of their marriage record, but I can't add it here, or email it to anybody as it was stamped to make it clear it can't be legally shared digitally. I'm willing to send a paper copy, however, to anybody that doesn't have the money to order it from Wisconsin for $15. Just use the contact me form in the sidebar to send me your mailing address & I'll get it out to you as soon as I can. (Make sure to add what you want me to send; just in case.)

Leonard & Artemesia had 2 children born in (or around) Chippewa Falls, Chippewa, Wisconsin: Fred Wallace on 21 Nov 1877 and Elizabeth Sophia "Bessie" on 31 Mar 1880. The family moved to Iowa by the time Sadie Annie was born 21 Oct 1884 in Clarion, Wright, Iowa. Artemesia died 6 May 1886 in Iowa, which was followed by difficult times for her children. Fred pretty much spent the rest of his childhood living at an uncles, while the girls ended up shuffled around from relative to relative. There's more information on Bessie's page & in a PDF of a transcription of Bessie's memories. (Which I plan on typing up in a future post.)

After some time had passed, Leonard married Lillie HAND in Iowa. (I have no information on Lillie before the marriage.) Leonard & Lillie had 3 children: Josephine "Jocie", Kitty, & Tom. Leonard died 18 Mar 1894 in Armstrong, Emmet, Iowa of hunting accident (according to Bessie). I suspect an accidental gun shot wound. A short time later, Tom was born. After Leonard's death, I have no information on Lillie, Jocie, Kitty, or Tom.

The only census record I have at this time for Leonard is the 1880 US Census for Lafayette, Chippewa county, Wisconsin page 5 line 29.

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