24 August 2014

Census Sunday #18 - 1865 Norway

This week's census image is from the 1865 Norwegian census. (full image)

This page includes my great-great grandmother Bertha (LYSTAD) LOVEN, her mother (Anna) and 1/2 sister (Marthea), and her paternal grandparents, along with some of their children. I got the image from digitalarkivet.no and the translation was done by a lady at the Decorah Genealogy Association in Decorah, Iowa.

Going down the family as the image shows, there is Ole Christofersen (50), his wife Barbro Amundsdatter (49), their son Christian Olsen (15), another son Anton Olsen (11), a third son Lauritz Olsen (9), a daughter Dina Olsdatter (5), Ole & Barbro's daughter-in-law Anne Andersdatter (29), Anne's daughter Marthea Olsdatter (9), and Anne's daughter Berthe (2).

It's known that Ole & Barbro had at least 1 more son that's not shown in this image (Bertha's father).