09 February 2014

Cenus Sunday #3

This census image is from the 1940 US census for Glenwood township, Winnesheik county, Iowa page 6B. (Full image)
This census image shows the first part of the family of my great-grandparents Henry & Clarissa LOVEN (even though all 3 children were born by then) on lines 78-80. My grandpa (Orval) & the youngest (Vivian) are at the top of the next page, which I'll try to remember to make my post for next week.

The information shown on this page says that Henry was 49 at the time, completed all 4 years of high school, was born in Iowa, did work (& not for in a government emergency job) the last week of March, & that he operated a filling station. He was also on the farm schedule. The family is also shown as living in the same house in 1940 as they were in 1935. This page also shows that Clarissa (Clarisse) was 46, didn't go pass 8th grade, was born in Iowa, & was working in her own home. Lloyd is shown as being 21 (he didn't marry until 1956), single, finished 3 years of high school, & was working as a farm laborer (I'd assume on his parent's farm.)

The other families on this census page are:

  • Lines 41-45: Juel MOE & his wife Edna, a son Ernest, & 2 daughters Marcella & Eileen (Edna also happens to be my 1st cousin 3X removed)
  • Lines 46-49: Joseph CARLSBORG & his wife Lillian, a daughter Arlene, & a son Lester
  • Lines 50-51: John KALLESTAD & his mother Bertha
  • Lines 52-54: Herschel LENON & his wife Amanda along with a son Alden
  • Lines 55-56: Ida BERGE & her son Joseph
  • Lines 57-62: Joseph TANGEN & his wife Cora, a son Junir Carroll, 2 daughters Iola & Iona, & his mother Pauline
  • Lines 63-64: Lars A LEE & his wife Julia
  • Lines 65-68: Peter ROCKSVOLD & his wife Ida, a son Derwin, & a daughter Iona
  • Lines 69-70: Fletcher WHALLEN, Jr. & his wife Harriet
  • Lines 71-73: Andrew JOHNSON, a co-operator named Helmer BLEGAN & Helmer's wife Hannah
  • Lines 74-77: Otto DAHLEN & his wife Melia, a son Obie, & a daughter Marian


  1. Hi Martha, I just found your site through GeneaBloggers and I wanted to stop by and wish you luck with your site and your research. It's always great to have fresh ideas and I look forward to reading more about your research.

    1. Thanks. I'm pretty much have up the information I have on my ancestors & trying to decide if I want to do pages on their siblings right now. I'll keep doing updates when I do find more information though.