17 February 2014

Census Sunday #4

I'm sorry for posting this late. I'll try to do a better job remembering next week.

This census image is from the 1940 US census for Glenwood township, Winneshiek county, Iowa, page 7A. It's the 2nd half from my family last week. (full image)

This page shows my grandpa Orval & his sister Vivian. (Orval was misspelled on the census.) Orval is shown as being 19, having graduated from high school, & having been working as a farm laborer. Vivian is shown as being 7 & having attended school, although it appears like she was in her first year of school at the time.

The other families on this census page:
  • Lines 3-4: Arthur GROTH & his wife LaVerle
  • Lines 5-9: Rognwald (sp?) JACOBSEN, his wife Johanna, & 3 sons (Carsten, Kenneth, & Robert)
  • Lines 10-13: Ole RAMSEY, his brother Carl, his sister Edna KNUTSON, & his niece Lorraine KNUTSON
  • Lines 14-16: Eiwan HAMMERSNESS (sp?), his wife Isabel, & his step-son Eric STEVIE
  • Lines 17-19: Hildor OLSON, his wife Anna, & his son Curtis
  • Lines 20-23: Ole N SAND, his wife Beret Louise, & 2 sons (Arthur & Vernon)
  • Lines 24-26: Albert KERN, his wife Margie, & his daughter Charmaine
  • Lines 27-31: Oliver TESLOW, his wife Ida, 2 daughters (Donna Lou & Romana), & a son Wendell
  • Lines 32-35: Ben SKIEM, his wife Olive, & 2 sons (Oscar & Melvin)
  • Lines 36-40: Joe RYAN, his wife Locetta, 2 daughters (Mary Jane & Shirley Ann), & a son James 

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