02 February 2014

Census Sunday #2 - 1860 Glenwood twp, Winneshiek cty, IA, pg 181

This post is a little bit earlier in the day then I'll normally post, I have a few plans that'll take up most of the day though, so I'm making sure I don't forget.

This census image is from the 1860 US Census for Glenwood township, Winneshiek county, Iowa on page 181. (full image)
Winneshiek county townships (source)
As you can see in the above map, Glenwood township is directly east of Decorah & Decorah township.

This is the first census I'm posting with a direct ancestor on it. Starting on line 30 is the family (at the time) of my gggg grandparents Anders Thorstensen & Karine EVENRUD. At this point, it looks like the family was still using Anders's patronimocial name from Norway. Anders (Andrew aged 32) is shown with his wife Karine (Caroline aged 26) & the oldest of their children (to the best of my knowledge) Thorvald (Torwell aged 0). Anders was a farmer, whose real estate property (I'm assuming he owned his farm from this) was worth $640 & whose personal estate was worth $100. Using an inflation calculator from davemanuel.com, in 2013 dollars that's about $17,000 real estate & about $2,000 for his personal estate.

The other family on this census page:
  • Line 1 - Asa FULLER aged 0 with the rest of his family on the previous page.
  • Lines 2-5 - Archibald CARY a farmer living Julia (likely his wife), Deborah (likely his daughter), & son George (likely his son).
  • Lines 6-11 - Sarah E SMITH, was living with a farmer & sawyer named Henry (likely her son) along with William (same jobs), Robert, & John (all likely sons) & Mary E (likely daughter).
  • Lines 12-20 - James CRANDELL, a farmer was living with Almeda (likey wife); 3 likely sons named Dwight, Lorenzo, & Lucius ; a likely daughter named Maretha R; William WALLIS(a sawyer), Jane WALLIS (likely William's wife); & Charles S WATSON (possible father-in-law).
  • Lines 21-24 - Caliver (sp?) SKINNER, a farmer living with Mary (likely wife) & 2 likely daughters Lily & Alice.
  • Lines 25-29 - Johannes SIMONSON, a farmer living with Martha (likely wife), a farmer named John, (likely son), Erasmus (likely son), & Ingobar JOHNSON (a "domesttic").
  • Lines 33-28 - Benjamin GOODWALL, a farmer living with Louisa M (likely wife), Mary E (likely daughter), 2 likely sons Julius & Andrew, & John THOMAS (a farm laborer).
  • Lines 39 & 40 - Nelson PETER, a farmer living with Ann, his likely wife.

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