24 February 2014

Census Sunday #5

I almost forgot this week. Also, I'm not likely to make a post next Sunday as I'll be out of town visiting a friend.

This week's census image is from the 1930 US Census for Glenwood township, Winneshiek county, Iowa, page 6B. (full image)

On this image, my relatives are on lines 63-65. It has my great grandparents Henry & Clarissa LOVEN & their family at the time. This census shows Henry as being a 39 year old county supervisor. It shows Henry as having married at the age of 26 & being born in Iowa to parents that were born in Norway. He is also on the farm schedule. His wife Clarissa (misspelled as Clarisse) is shown as being a 36 year old woman, who married at 23 & was born in Iowa to parents who were also born in Iowa. Their oldest child Lloyd is shown as being 11, born in Iowa, & having attended school. Orval (mispelled as Orvall) is shown as being 9, born in Iowa, & having attended school.

The other families in the image:

  • Lines 51-55: a contination of a family from the previous page. It has 2 sons Harrie & Lester, 2 daughters Grace & Inez, & the head's mother Marie
  • Lines 56-59: Helmer HOTVEDT along with his brother Adolph, his sister Katehrine, & his mother Anna
  • Lines 60-62: Ole Morken along with his wife Hurtrud & a daugther Selma
  • Lines 67-70: Otto DAHLEN along with his wife Emelia, a son Ooe (sp?), & a daughter Marion
  • Lines 71-77: Alex DAHLEN along with his wife Henrietta, 2 daughters Phyllis & Lila, his son Arnold, his father Andrew, & his mother Ingeline
  • Lines 78-87: Frank DREW along with his wife May; 6 sons Francis, Cyril, Harold, Lawrence, & Paul; & 2 daughters Lewine & Pearl
  • Lines 88-92: Fred SMORSTAD along with his wife Betsey, a son Orval, a daughter Bernic, & a brother Joseph
  • Lines 93-94: Arthur BRYNESER (sp?) along with his wife Alma
  • Lines 95-99: Morrie SAMPSON along with his wife Anna & 3 sons Weston, Gavin, & Lester
  • Line 100: Alvin HUSELY (sp?)

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