16 March 2014

Census Sunday #6

This week's census image is from the 1910 US Census for Belle Plaine, Scott county, Minnesota on page 6A. (full image)
I am directly related to 2 of the household on this census page. The first family is my great-greatgrandparents on lines 14-19. This census shows C. W. OLDENBURG (I have him as Charles William in my records, but he's of German heritage so it could be either 2 middle names, or a mistake somewhere) as a 52 year old, who was born in Minnesota to German immigrants, & whose been married to his wife for 26 years. "Own income" is listed under occupation, but I'm unsure of what that means. His wife Lena (Wilhelmina) is shown as being a 44 year old woman, who was born in Minnesota of German immigrants & is the mother of 6 children (4 still living.) Lena (daughter nickname for Wilhelmina) is shown as a 23 year old widow & mother of 1 child (location unknown at this time). Arnie (Arnold) is shown as a 21 year old laborer who is "working out." Alma is shown as a 13 year old who has attended school in the past year. Edwin BENDER is shown as the grandson of Charles, aged 1 & born in Minnesota. The other child not listed with the family is my great-grandmother Mary, who is a few families down on the same page with her husband.

The second family I'm related to is my great-grandparents on lines 32-36. Fred BLUME (his first name is Louis) is shown as a 38 year old engineer working on steam engines who was born in Minnesota to German immigrants & has been married to his wife for 4 years. Mary is shown as 25 year old mother of 3 who was born in Minnesota. The children in the family are: Loren (4 year old boy), Lester (2 year old boy), & Erwin (6 month old boy).

The other families on the page are:

  • Lines 1-4: a continuation of the family at the end of the previous page. It has 1 son (Thomas), 2 daughters (Mary & Ellen) & 1 servant (Bridget MURPHY)
  • Lines 5-13: H. K. HOLSTE (sp?) along with his wife (Johanna), 2 daughters (Rosey & Mildred), 4 sons (Julius, Walter, Arthur, & Victor), & a lodger (Julius REDANKE)
  • Lines 20-25: Paul BUETOW along with his wife (Louisa W) & 3 sons (Gustaf, Herman, & William)
  • Lines 26-28: Anna FEIDER along with a daughter (Adelalide) & a son (Leo)
  • Lines 29-31: Martin SCHMITT along with a son (Frank) & a daughter (Mary)
  • Lines 37-38: Charles GRAGERT along with his wife Henrietta (possible parents of Lena OLDENBURG on line 7)
  • Lines 39-44: Frank RIHL along with his wife (Leona), 2 sons (Raymond & Christian) & a daughter (Angela)
  • Lines 45-47: Fred VOIGT along with his wife (Johanna) & a son (August)
  • Line 48: John MILLBON (sp?)
  • Lines 49-50: Anna NEWELL along with a daughter (Mary) (possibly continued on the next page

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