08 June 2014

Census Sunday #15 - 1920 US Census

This week, the image I'm posting is page 3A of the 1920 US Census for Glenwood township, Winneshiek county, Iowa. (full image)
This page includes my great-great grandparents and their family on lines 33-40. John LOVEN is cited as a 38 year old married farmer, who was born in Norway. He was able to read and write, immigrated in 1868, and was naturalized in 1880. His wife Berte "Mary" was a 55 year old woman, who was also born in Norway. She was also able to read and write, immigrated in 1871, and was naturalized in 1886 (possibly mis-cited as she and John were married in 1887.) John and Mary had 6 children living at home at the time the census was taken. All of them were born in Iowa and none of them had attended school since 1 Sep 1919. The children at home were: (Adolph) Melvin, aged 31; Carl, aged 26; Julius, aged 28; Anga, aged 22; (Hannah) Violet, aged 20; and Roy, aged 16.

The other families on the page are:

  • Line 1: Hayward EVENRUD the 4 year old son of the last family on the previous page (2B)
  • Lines 2-7: George H RUEN along with his wife Dorthea, a daughter (Ida), 2 sons (Oliver and Albert), and his father-in-law (Olaus SCHJOLL)
  • Lines 8-10: Theodore RUEN along with 2 of his sisters (Gustava and Mina)
  • Lines 11-12: Herbert O SCHOLL and his wife Josephine
  • Lines 13-14: John R HAGEN along with his wife Mathilde
  • Lines 15-19: Rudolph RUEN along with his wife Marie, a son (Howard), and 2 sons (Mildred and Leona)
  • Lines 20-26: Emil LIVESIND along with his wife Minnie and 5 sons (Olaf, Milford, Clarence, William, and Earnest)
  • Lines 27-30: John ROGEN along with 2 sons (Albert and George) and a daughter-in-law (Hilga)
  • Lines 31-32: Melvin Blegen along with his mother Anna
  • Lines 41-46: Erich LOREIDA along with his wife Petrine, 2 sons (Lewis and Rudolph), and 2 daughters (Amelia and Olga)
  • Lines 47-48: Theodore ANDERSON along with his brother Albert
  • Lines 49-50: John HILL along with his wife Helvina

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