01 June 2014

Census Sunday #14 - 1910 US Census

This week, the image I'm posing is page 8B of the 1910 US Census for Glenwood township, Winneshiek county, Iowa. (full image)
My great-great grandparents and their family are on lines 75-83. John LOVEN is cited as a 47 year old man, who's been married for 24 years. He was a farmer, who owned his own farm, was able to read and write, and was born in Norway. His wife Berte "Mary" is cited as a 45 year old woman, who was the mother of 8 (all living). She was able to read and write and was also born in Norway. John and Mary still had 5 children living at home at the time the census was taken, who had all attended school since 1 Sept 1909 and were all born in Iowa. The children on the page are: Carl, a 17 year old boy;  Julius, a 14 year old boy; Anga, a 12 year old girl; Violet (Hannah), an 11 year old girl; and Roy, a 6 year old boy. A laborer named Henry FOSTINE (sp?) was also cited as living with the family. Henry was a 34 year old, single man, who was working as a laborer doing odd jobs. Henry was also born in Norway and able to read and write.

The other families on this page are:

  • Lines 51-59: John A MOE along with his wife Cornelia O, 4 sons (Arthur O, Chester M, Gerhard V, and Henry C.), 2 daughters (Henrietta A and Amelia R), and a housegirl (Elle BERGE)
  • Lines 60-63: John S LYSTAD along with his wife Bertha S, a houseman (Lenord WILLIAMS), and a hired girl (Alga MOEN)
  • Lines 64-67: Melvin BLEGEN along with his mother (Anna) and 2 sisters (S charlette and Luella)
  • Lines 68-74: Ole NELSON along with his wife Maria, 2 sons (Adolphe and Henry C), and 3 daughters (Matilda F, Olga L, Nora C)
  • Lines 83-84: John C ASK along with his wife Threna
  • Lines 85-87: Charlie HANSTENGS (sp?) along with his wife Julia and a daughter (Inez B)
  • Line 88: Hellen MOEN
  • Lines 89-95: Olas RUEN along with his wife Amanda, 3 sons (Lawwrence, Olgen C, and Adolph W), a daughter (Eleanor H.C), and his mother Carrie
  • Lines 96-100: Edward MOEN along with his wife Dina, 2 daughters (Emma H and Stella O), and a son (Berthold D)


  1. I like that you post an entire census page and list all names on that page. Someone might just find family they've been searching for here!

    1. That's exactly why I list the other families on the page, even though I don't go into the detail I do with my own family. I was posting the entire page anyway, so why not list the names for others.