21 May 2014

Census Sunday #12 - 1870 Census

The image for this week (although late) is from the 1870 Census for Glenwood township, Winneshiek couty, Iowa and is page 15. (full image)
The family I'm descended from is on lines 15-20. This is before they switched to using their farm name however.

Aslag OLESON is cited as being a 44 year old farm laborer from Norway. His wife Anna is cited as beign a 42 year old woman whose occupation is keeping house. Their oldest Sarah (or Sigrid) is cited as being a 10 year old girl who is "at home" and can't read or write. Their other children cited are John, age 8; Martha (Metta), age 6; and Ole, age 2. The entire family at the time had been born in Norway.

The other families on the page are: (In parenthesis are age and gender)
  • Lines 1-3: (continued from the previous page) Anetta HANSON (6 F) along with Hans (16 M) and Christian (3 M)
  • Lines 4-8: Ole STENESON (30 M) along with Gunver? (49 F), Julia (12 F), Nels (8 M), and Henry (4M)
  • Lines 9-14: Hans E FLOM (32 M) along with Margarita (44 F), Martha (14 F), Elling (11 M), Eric (10 M), and Sernen (9 M)
  • Lines 21-30: Michael BURKE (64 M) along with Anna (64 F), Terence (26 M), Jamie (24 M), Mary (23 F), Bridget (20 F), Margaret (19 F), Anna (18 F), Catherine (16 F), and Michael (11 M)
  • Lines 31-34: Esther FULLER (36 F) along with Harriet (23 F), Lucinda (17 F), and Asa (10 M)
  • Lines 35-37: Alfred S FULLER (23 M) along with Jane E (20 F) and Alice (2 F)
  • Lines 38-40: John ERICSON (54 M) along with Peter (23 M) and Hans (20 M)
As for the relatives on this page (above), I do realize that this census page doesn't cite the family relationships. However, I included them for clarity and I have other sources (see the included links above) that do provide the relationships.

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