23 July 2017

Census Sunday #27

This week's page is from the 1880 US Census for Glenwood township, Winneshiek county, Iowa on page16. (full image)

On this page, I'm descended from family #129, Hans and Sila HENRICKSON. Hans is cited as a 65 year old farmer from Norway. His wife Sila is cited as a 52 year old woman from Norway. The census page cites that they had 4 sons with them at home - Henry (17), Martin (15), Benjamin (12), and Helmer (7).  All are cited as being born in Iowa. In the same family group, it also has Inga AGNESSON? aged 77. She's cited as living in a different dwelling and her relationship to Hans is cited as "supported." Inga is also cited as being widowed, insane, and born in Norway.

The other families on this page are:

  • Family 119 (from previous page): Helene STROWSTAD?
  • Family 120: Andrew EGGE and his wife Mary
  • Family 121: Nels ASCHUN and his wife Anne
  • Family 122: Ole PETERSON along with his wife Berth and daughter Carrie
  • Family 123: ? HALVORSEN along with his wife Martha, 2 sons (Bard and Andreus), and 2 daughters (S? and Maria)
  • Family 124: Bard HALVORSON and his wife Synneva
  • Family 125: Ole ANDCOSEN along with his wife Anne, 3 sons (Albert, Theodore, and Ole), and 1 daughter (Bertha)
  • Family 126: Ole NELSON along with his wife Britha, 2 daughters (Caroline and Oline), and 1 son (Nels)
  • Family 127: Ole J. ROZ along with his wife Bertha and 3 sons (Claus, Henry, and Martin)
  • Family 128: Nels TORTENSON along with his wife Martha, 2 daughters (Petra and Emma), and 3 sons (Olai?, John, and Otto)
  • Family 130: Chisetis along with her son Tombias, stepdaughter Sivi?, and a teacher Mavis ERICSEN

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