02 July 2017

Census Sunday #24

This week's image is from the 1860 US Census. It's page 4 for Boone township, Hamilton county, Iowa. (full image)

I'm related to family number 31 on this census, the family of William (W.W.) & Sylvia WELLS.
William is cited as a 39 year old tailor, who was born in Pennsylvania, who owns real estate valued at $2000 and a personal estate valued at $1000. William's wife Sylvia is cited as a 29 year old woman who was born in Pennsylvania. Their son Stanley is cited as an 8 year old boy born in Pennsylvania like his parents. The census says that 6 year old Leonard (another ancestor of mine) was born in New York. The youngest son, Chester is cited as 1 and born in Iowa. Both Stanley and Leonard are cited as having attended school. The family also has a Lucinda Tucker, aged 65, living with them. I'm sorry I don't know why she's with them at this point. My best guess is that she's Sylvia's mother. 

Other families on the census are:
  • Family 26: Ann Downny? a servant for the last family on page 3
  • Family 27: Isaac SOUTH along with Anna & 6 year old Selia
  • Family 28: A. MOON (56) along with female A.D MOON (40), farmer J.M JONES, and merchant S.S ESTES
  • Family 29: Peter SYON (49) along with Margaret (49), Jotham (22), Richard (21), Mary A (19), Martha (16), Jane (14), Huldah (12), Sarah (7), George (5), and John (25)
  • Family 30: Richard SACKET (54) along with Louisa M (49), Elisha (27), Abbie (22), Austin E (3), and Henry R (1)
  • Family 32: John RHODES (46) along with Rebecca (44), John E. (9), Ella (5), and Mary E (2 1/2)
  • Familiy 33: Washington ELDER (40)

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