24 May 2015

Census Sunday # 21 - 1920 US Census

This week's census page is from the 1920 Census for Belle Plaine, Scott county, Minnesota. It's on page 2A. (full image)

This page has 2 families I'm related to on it. The first is on lines 2-4 with my great-great grandma Lena OLDENBURG, Lena is cited as a 53 year old widowed woman who was born in Minnesota to parents from Germany. In the same household is her son-in-law John F. Heidingolder (sp?), a 23 years old man who was born in Minnesota to parents from Bavaria, and her daughter Alma. Alma is cited as a 23 year old female who was born in Minnesota. She's cited with her father being born in Minnesota and her mother in Germany. (There's an obvious error there I haven't researched yet.) All 3 were able to read, write, and speak English.

The 2nd family is my great-grandparents Fred and Mary Blume on lines 14-20. Fred is cited as a 48 year old thrasher who was born in Minnesota to parents born in Hanover. Mary is cited as a 35 year old woman who was born in Minnesota to parents who were also born in Minnesota. Also in their family are their children: Loren H, a 13 year old boy; Lester C, an 11 year old boy; Ervin H, a 10 year old boy; Florence E, a 7 year old girl; and Lucille A, an 11 month old girl. All the children but Lucille had attended school and are cited as being able to read and write.

The other families on the page are:

  • Line 1: Alvin BAUMAN is the grandson of the last head from the previous page.
  • Lines 5-13: Christian F. KOCK along with his wife (Christina), 4 sons (Christian P, Thkeophil E, Emanuel D, and Alvian J.), and 3 daughters (Beata J, Adle? H, and Ether)
  • Line 21: Henrietta GRAGERT
  • Lines 22-23:- Henry E FAY along with his wife Lenzena
  • Lines 24-28: Frank RIHL, along with his wife Margaret, 2 daughters (Leona and Angela), and a son (Christian F)
  • Lines 29-31: Fred VOIGHT along with his wife Johan and a son August F.
  • Lines 32-34: Mar??n KOWARSH along with his daughter Mary.
  • Lines 35-42: Marth HAUER along with his wife Maria, 4 sons (Mathew, Arthur, Ewald, and Herbbert), and a daughter (Irene).
  • Lines 43-49: Math BLAU along with his wife Augusta, 4 sons (Alvin, Victor, Frank, and George) and a daughter (Marie)
  • Line 50: Henry J TELTHOASTER (sp?)

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