31 May 2015

Census Sunday # 22 - 1930 US Census

This week's census page is from the 1930 US Census for Belle Plaine, Scott county, Minnesota. (full image)

This page includes my great-grandparents Fred and Mary BLUME along with their children, the youngest of which is my grandmother*. Fred is cited as a 58 year old sawyer at a lumber mill. He was born in Minnesota to parents who were born in Germany. Mary is cited as a 45 year old woman, who was born in Minnesota. The oldest child on the page is Loren, who is cited as a 24 year old sawyer at a lumber mill. Lester is cited as a 22 year old laborer at a lumber mill. Ervin is cited as a 20 year old cream tester at a creamery. Florence is cited as a 16 year old girl who has attended school. Lucille (misspelled on the record) is cited as an 11 year old girl who has attended school. The youngest, Lois, is cited as a 4 year old girl. Every child was born in Minnesota, and Lois is the only person in the family who is cited as being unable to read and write.

The other families on the page are:

  • Lines 9-11: Robert J HAIG along with his wife Irene and a daughter (Mary Jean).
  • Lines 12-18: Barney KIRCHOFF along with his wife Katie and 5 sons (Barney Jr, Gerold, Ben, Robert, and Paul)
  • Lines 19-20: Fillmore JOHNSON and his wife Thelma
  • Lines 21-24: Morris M GAFFNEY along with his wife Iva, a daughter (Shirly Ann), and a son (Kevin)
  • Lines 25-26: Paul J HAUPT and his wife Elsa
  • Lines 27-29: James LENNON along with his wife Mary and a son (James Jr)
  • Lines 30-32: Dennis O'DAY along with his wife Elizabath and a son Edmund
  • Lines 33-34: William F WELDON and his wife Catherine
  • Line 35: Bertha ISCHE a servant for family 63 (on line 42 of page 3A)
  • Line 36: Anna STONE, the mother of the head of family 19 on line 67 of page 1B
  • Line 37: Herman NETZ, the son of the head of the family on line 89 of sheet 4
  • Lines 38-43: John SOLLER along with his wife Myrtle, 2 daughters (Gladys and Clara), and 2 sons (Roger and Garold)
  • Lines 44-48: Henry SCHULDR (sp?) along with his wife Catherine, 2 sons (Roy and Edwin), and a boarder (Gust WIECKMANN)
  • Lines 49-50: are parts of family 35 on sheet 2 it appears. They are Dolores HAUGLAND (niece) and Loren KILLIAN (boarder)

* My grandma is still alive at the time this is posted. There won't be a post for her until after her death. I'll add a link at that point in time.

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