03 November 2014

Census Sunday #19 - 1900 US Census

This week, the census image is from the 1900 US census for Glenwood township, Winneshiek county, Iowa, page 1A. (full image)

On this page, my ancestors are on lines 37-40. Aslak LOVEN is cited as a 73 year old farmer who was born in June 1926 in Norway & immigrated in 1869, becoming a naturalized citizen later. He did own his own farm at the time of the census also. Aslak is cited as being married to his wife Anna for 43 years. Anna is cited as a 76 year old woman who was born in June 1928 in Norway. She was cited as the mother of 7 children, all living in 1900. (I think that was a mis-communication as I have evidence supporting only 6 children, which includes a family photo.) For children that were still living at home, there was Ole and Hannah. Ole was cited as a 32 year old farm laborer that was born in March 1868 in Norway. Hannah was cited as a 26 year old servant who was born in Oct 1873 in Iowa. Everybody in the family was able to read, but Aslak was the only one not cited as able to write or speak English.

The other families on this page are:

  • Lines 1-6: John HOGAN along with his wife Anne, 3 sons (Frank, John, and Leonard), and 1 daughter (Genevieve?)
  • Lines 7-10: Chr ENGIN? along with his wife Hilda Marie and 2 sons (Clarence and Alfred)
  • Lines 11-14: Jacob HOVE along with his wife Julia and a son (Conrad)
  • Lines 15-19: Tho CONNOR along with his wife Mary, 2 sons (Edward and Thomas), and a daughter (Anna)
  • Lines 20-26: Peter RYAN along with his wife Theresa, 4 sons (James, Edward, Joseph, and Charles L), and a daughter (Catherine)
  • Lines 27-36: Sarah CURTIS along with 5 daughters (Margaret, Mary, Sarah, Jane, and Rose) and 4 sons (Cornelius, Edward, Daniel, and Peter)
  • Lines 41-47: Anton BOLSON along with his wife Anne, 4 sons (Carl M, Galanan?, Benjamin, and Julius), and 1 daughter (Emma T)
  • Lines 48-49: C. O. SOREIDE along with his servant James LURUON?

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